Is granite safe for my kitchen?

Definitely, safe!

Throughout the years we have all ended up being more conscious and worried about our direct exposure to potentially hazardous materials. Specifically, those we have a tendency to utilize as building products for our residences, or those utilized as decorations. Granite countertops have been implicated in generating large amounts of radon. However, there’s no reason to worry. Allow me to explain.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that “Radon originating in the dirt under homes is a more typical issue, as well as a larger public health danger than radon from granite building products.”

A basic search for granite radon study discloses over 300,000 results. Scientists, researchers, and industry associations around the globe have covered this specific topic oftentimes.

The widely known sector study claimed in their customer radon article; “There are many resources of radiation in a normal house. Usual items such as concrete blocks, smoke alarms, TVs, as well as Brazil nuts, bananas, and potatoes release quantifiable levels of radiation.”

Finally, despite whether your house has granite countertops or not, the EPA still suggests testing all residences for radon to assist safeguard on your own and your family, by reducing any kind of possible risk of direct exposure.

Over the last year or two, we have seen a pattern towards lighter shade granites. In fact, the lighter the better, our clients tell us. White quartzite has also seen a lot of need in current months.

One more trend worth discussing is black, or darker, granite shades with either a honed or natural leather surface coating.

We’ve asked some consumers about this fad. The demand seems to originate from a feeling, as well as experience these darker shades develop when matched against a modern kitchen area design.

Will granite head out of style? 


Bear in mind the “architectural projects going as much back as 3,000 years” discussed earlier? The Egyptian pyramids?

Yeah, professionals have no factor to think that granite kitchen counters will head out of style anytime quickly. They work straight with big residence builders, professionals, and homeowners, as well as a cooking area and bathroom dealers. Believe me, they would be the first to recognize such a trend.

A lifetime enhancement to your residence 

There is no doubt, that granite countertops can be a gorgeous addition to your kitchen. The ideal granite stone can not only include value to your home; however, it offers a distinct touch of sophistication and refinement that can actually last a lifetime.

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