Flat Roofing is one of the most preferred types of roofing, especially in commercial buildings. Being low in cost, an extra exterior space that can be repurposed make flat roofing an even more attractive option. One can quickly turn the flat roof into a rooftop garden or a storage area with heavy air conditioning units and solar panels. You could even have an outdoor swimming pool. Flat roofs are also easier to access. However, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding flat roofing, which has become common. We are here to help you understand this kind of roofing better.

Would the flat roofing need repair?

Time takes a toll even on the best of commercial roofing materials. With time, flat roofing may begin to deteriorate, which can cause severe leaks and water damage issues if the roofing is not fixed on time. As the roofing is flat, you might need to spend a little more time on its repair and maintenance. But this extra care doesn’t imply that the roofing has been installed poorly. This is just a part of owning commercial roofing.

Should you pay close attention to the roof’s drainage?

In sloped roofing, the water drains efficiently and quickly. But this is not the case when it comes to flat roofing, as water doesn’t drain out quickly. When the water begins to build upon the roofing material, it can start to cause deterioration and leaks. This can lead to more repairs and, in some cases, even a roof replacement. It is crucial that the flat roofing is installed properly and all the features that enhance the efficiency and speed of the draining water need to be kept in mind. Opting for flat roofing is a more economical option when it comes to commercial buildings. Even if there are considerations like drainage and repairs, which may be needed more often when you are opting for a pitched roof, this brings down the overall cost of installing the roof.

What are some of the common roofing materials in commercial buildings?

Metal roofing is one of the most popular roofing materials. Metal is durable and reliable roofing material. It can last for a really long time with little to no maintenance or repairs. Metal coatings like galvanized zinc are often used to prevent UV rays, rust, or water damage. These coatings are available in varying strengths and need to be reapplied over the years to keep the roof well protected. The metal coating on the roof also helps to promote the energy efficiency of the roof. Once that has been applied, it will also help block the UV rays during the hot summer.

Carry out regular roof maintenance

Carrying out regular maintenance of the roof can add years to the life of the roof. It helps to identify the common roofing problems and even carry out repairs. When you have a clear roofing maintenance plan in place it help you to enjoy the warranty for the longest time.

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