All You Need To Know About Window Treatments

The window treatment market has many varieties that can leave one feeling overwhelmed. Terms such as curtains, shades, and drapes can further make your shopping experience a daunting task. Are these terms synonyms? Are window shades the best choice for all your needs for light, ventilation, and decoration?

This read will offer a guideline to help you choose the most appropriate window treatment for your home or office.


Curtains are versatile window treatments in most homes. They come in various colors, patterns, lengths, widths, and fabrics. They can be used in almost every room in the house, including the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Curtains often come in pairs.

Curtains are the oldest window treatment in home décor. A curtain hangs from a hidden or concealed rod. It is fitted in the metal rod using the metal or fabric ring made on the top sleeve of the fabric.

 Curtains do not seem to get out of the market because they liven the living space. They also add a touch of femininity, softness, and contrast to a room.


 Drapes are commonly confused with curtains because they’re fabric panels and also come in pairs. However, drapes come with a heavy fabric lining. The heavy lining blocks out all light from the outside to make them ideal for bedrooms.

Most drapes are made from stiff fabric such as silk and velvet and characteristically long, running from top to the floor. These features made attractive puddling and patterns enhancing a room’s appearance.

However, drapes are commonly available in solid colors and limited patterns. Drapes hang from a metal rod and fitted through the rings, grommets, or hooks made on the material. They are ideal for bedrooms, especially when one desires a darkroom effect during the night.

  1. Shades

Unlike the curtain and the drape, shades are made from light and soft fabric. Shades come in a single sheet of material and fit to a rod or frame at the upper edge of the window.  Shades are available in different colors, patterns, designs, lengths, and widths.

Therefore, they are mainly used together with curtains. For instance, you can draw the curtain during the day but leave the shade spread out to cut out the glare from outside. When used alone, one must raise the shade using a roller or a cord.

Today, modern lifting mechanisms such as a mortar or remote control can be attached for added convenience. To open, the drape can roll or bunch around the rod.

  1. Blinds

 Blinds are made from a solid material that opens halfway to allow in fresh air and light.  They are often made from wood, vinyl, and bamboo. They lift up and down with a lifting mechanism and often hand horizontally.

Blinds are available in various colors but may not be patterned. They are ideal for bedrooms and darkrooms for photography. For added appeal, blinds can be topped with sheer and valance.

Window shades are an effective and inexpensive way of adding your home value. Check with a provider near you to fund the best window treatment that meets your needs.

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