5 ways to prepare your HVAC system for winter

The transition from summer is more significant, with dropping temperatures, leaves changing color, and increase in air pollutants.  With the winter’s cool climate around the corner, it is a must to ensure the home comfort system and HVAC maintenance. Prepare for winter the HVAC system.

Check if your HVAC unit is up to par? Is it ready for the cold weather?  Here are 5 ways to prepare your HVAC system for winter.

1.   Replace the filter

With the change in the season, there is a need to change the filter. It helps in clearing up the ductwork, HVAC, and your home for seasonal transitions. The air filter keeps debris and dust away from your HVAC unit and filters the air. Replacing the air filter helps extending the HVAC unit life and it prevents it from clogging.

2.   Upgrade Thermostat

The thermostat and your HVAC system are a team and it requires both to operate efficiently.  Having older mercury thermostats cannot assure good work. Set the thermostat to reflect your home actual temperature. You may consider upgrading to digital thermostat if it fails in performance. Also, program the digital thermostat to enjoy constant temperature. Also, remember to turn off the HVAC system before leaving the house, thus save on electric bill rolls.

3.   Clean Air Ducts

Allergens, dust, and mold accumulates in the heat and air ducts. So, get it inspected regularly to ascertain efficient and proper functioning of the HVAC system. It also keeps your home and air clean. Winters are a great time and so check nothing blocks the air vents by cleaning them. Consider regular HVAC maintenance, it helps.

4.   Adequate Insulation

Adequate insulation is an important consideration. You need to inspect; it retains heat to face the winter. Inspect the insulation enveloping the ductwork. The HVAC unit works more if the insulated ducts are improper and leads to heat loss, if you wish to maintain the required temperature.

5.   Schedule regular maintenance and inspection

Schedule an HVAC inspection in association with a HVAC service before the beginning of winter. Do not wait for something to break down completely, instead schedule regular HVAC maintenance. It will help in catching even the smallest problem before it blooms into a big problem.

Bear in mind to call HVAC trusted technicians and to schedule inspection. It will ensure you enjoy warm winters for a long time. It is time to act before the winter starts and to consider replacing or servicing of HVAC system.

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