Benefits of installing led light bulbs at home-

Do you have kids that forget to switch off the lights when not in use? Are you worried because of the constantly increasing electricity bills?- No need to take this stress any more. Just switch to led bulbs and leave your regular halogen or standard lights. Led lights are the most advanced lights that save a lot of energy and money. These bulbs are the wisest alternatives to your expensive halogen or incandescent lighting at home.

These led bulbs are not only energy saving, but they are the safest as well. If you have installed lights at a reachable height for kids, then led bulbs are the safest options for your family. They work at a low voltage and are cooler to touch as compared to other lights. So, install these led lights and stay safe from any accidental injuries. Besides, these led lights have many more advantages. Want to know them?- Read the below listed benefits for that.

How are led bulbs different from other incandescent bulbs?

Led bulbs have many special features that make them different from standard light bulbs. Not only in the form of bulbs, but this led technology is also used in ceiling lights. Led lights do not waste the energy and power in heating and are thus safer than others. The led bulbs can last way longer than your regular light bulbs. So, it is a wise decision to opt for these lights.

Moreover, these led lights focus on certain lighting degrees only. So, instead of focusing on 360 degrees and using a larger amount of energy, these led lights use lesser energy and give brighter lighting results.

Advantages of choosing led light bulbs for your home-

  • Long-lasting nature- Led light bulbs have a longer lifespan than other halogen or incandescent bulbs. They can last up to 80,000 hours without needing any timely maintenance. This means that led lamps can last for about 8-10 times longer than other halogen lamps.
  • Energy efficient- A standard halogen bulb uses 90% of its consumed energy in producing heat and only 10% in giving light. However, an led bulb will use only 15% as the energy consumed by a halogen bulb. It gives 85% of the lighting results and produces no heat thereby being the most energy efficient light.
  • Increased durability- An led light bulb doesn’t contain any filament or glass component. So, it is free from the fears of breakage or vibration. An led bulb price is also very low than others and doesn’t cause any repeated maintenance expenses thereby ensuring the durability.
  • Environment friendly lights- Led lights do not contain mercury or any other harmful gases. They don’t even emit harmful UV rays. Thus, they are the most efficient and environment friendly lighting options.
  • Perfect for compact areas- Led bulbs can come in their smallest size of 2 mm which is the best lighting option for compact areas. So, don’t worry about the lighting possibility in your hard to reach or compact areas- Just visit the Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals and get your desired lighting choices.

Conclusion- Want to install the most efficient and energy saving light bulbs at home?- led light bulbs are the wisest options for you then. They are the cheapest and the most durable lighting options that you can prefer for your home and office as well.

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