What are common door and window problems?

We all enjoy having our windows and doors in perfect shape. This adds up in interior design and curb appeal. But when windows and doors get damaged, we tend to avoid replacing them. Even though it might be a serious investment, sometimes it is worth considering windows and doors replacement. Below, we share the most common door and window problems homeowners face today.

Squeaky hinges

A common door and window problem is represented by squeaky hinges. Applying oil or any other product designed to maintain hinges might solve this issue. However, if you notice that this problem isn’t fixed by anything, it might be a good idea to request help. An experienced windows and doors technician can assess the problem and suggest the best approach.


Both windows and doors can experience swelling due to excessive moisture. This can happen due to numerous reasons. For example, malfunctioning springs can prevent the windows from shutting down perfectly. This allows exterior air to pass and cause temperature fluctuations. Doors swell because of moisture or improper installation.


If you notice that there is a constant feeling of airflow inside your home, your old windows and doors might be to blame. When these items age, they warp and bend. As a result, the air has plenty of room to circulate and cause temperature fluctuations indoors. Keep in mind that most drafts are caused by improper weatherstripping. Replacing it can restore the full functionality of your windows. However, only an expert can determine whether this was the issue that triggered drafts inside your home.

Wrinkled wood

Windows and doors with wood frames can experience different problems. Such frames are treated so that they can withstand frequent usage. But in time, wood frames get damaged. When such a frame is damaged, there is no solution but full replacement. Damaged wood frames can’t be repaired. Discussing with a windows and doors specialist can help you make an idea about the best replacement available nowadays.

Insect remains

Among the common window and door problems, we can mention insect remains. When your windows and doors fail to protect your home, pests can enter with ease. As a result, you’ll start noticing spiders or insect remains inside your home. Professional evaluation of windows and doors is mandatory in this case.

The bottom line

These are some of the most common windows and doors problems homeowners face. Usually, it is highly recommended to consider replacements. New windows and doors are designed with excellent materials that support energy efficiency and home comfort. Don’t ignore any problem with your windows and doors! If left unattended, these issues can lead to hazardous situations.

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