Best Bathroom Mirror for a Small Bathroom

Being restricted in terms of bathroom space comes with its challenges, but simply because you don’t have the square footage to play with, it shouldn’t stop you from creating a beautiful and stylish room. Mirrors are not only essential for grooming in the bathroom, they also help to give the feeling of a more amplified space. Given the importance of mirrors in the bathroom, let’s take a look into which mirrors fit a snug space best.

These are the best bathroom mirrors if you have a tiny bathroom:

  • Cabinet mirrors.
  • Extendable mirrors.
  • Ledge mirrors.

Upgrading this part of your bathroom will make you feel happier and more confident as this is the first place you look every morning you wake up.

Cabinet Mirrors 

Cabinet mirrors are a versatile type of small bathroom mirror. The mirror goes above your sink and below it are 6-8 or more drawers, depending on the manufacturer, rest underneath. While some cabinet mirrors come with drawers, others come with a few cabinet doors underneath, hence its name.

Tiny bathrooms mean limited storage space. Especially if you have a considerable collection of beauty products, you may find it difficult to store all your bath wares.

A cabinet mirror allows you to gawk at yourself as long as you want while storing away your bathroom belongings in a more organized manner using the cabinets and/or drawers that come with the model.

Extendable Mirrors

 Extendable mirrors are an ace small bathroom mirror option because you can customize your viewing experience in your tiny bathroom space.

Parts of the mirror retract away from the wall to provide you with different angles of peering at yourself in the mirror. Especially if you are doing an intricate hairstyle for yourself, an extendable mirror can show off the finer details with that new look.

When you are done using your extendable mirror, simply retract it horizontally back to its normal look so you can go about your day.

Ledge Mirrors 

Ledge mirrors are another grouse bathroom mirror option for tiny spaces. A rectangular or square mirror has a ledge below it, which allows for additional storage space.

Just like the cabinet mirror, the ledge mirror’s ability to add more storage space to a tiny bathroom solves many problems on where to put all of your bathroom belongings.

While you cannot load down a ledge mirror like a cabinet mirror with many items, you can simply place your toothbrushes in a toothbrush holder, toothpaste, and maybe a decorative item of your choice.

What is the best shape of a mirror for a small bathroom? 

Bathroom mirrors come in ovals, squares, and rectangles, so there are many shapes to choose from when considering a cabinet mirror on the market.

However, a square or rectangular mirror is best for a small bathroom. It makes the space look larger and invites more positive energy into the space.

Circle or oval mirrors are even smaller than square or rectangular ones. Placing it in a circular or oval mirror will defeat the purpose of enhancing your tiny bathroom space. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Bathroom Mirror for a Small Bathroom 

Bathroom mirrors are a manner of preference. Think about how you want yours to function for you.

If you want to maximize space because you have many belongings, go for a cabinet or ledge mirror. If you want to take command of what you see, an extendable mirror shows you the different angles of sight when you look in the mirror.

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