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When it comes to purchasing or installing a new kitchen, it can be a bit overwhelming when choosing a particular material or style. What is in your budget? What is the quality you should be looking for and what style fits your personality or the rest of your house? This can cause endless hours or internet surfing to find out what is right for you when it comes to the time for an upgrade or redecorate. Today I am going to be focusing on a handful of different kitchen styles you may want to consider. Hopefully the information and tips included below can help you make a decision before pulling your hair out over endless pros and cons. So if you don’t know your farmhouse kitchen taps from more of a modern style, have a read and hopefully it will help.

Farmhouse Kitchens

If you are more of the traditional type, a farmhouse kitchen could be the option for you. They are a long way away from the minimalistic vibes of a modern age kitchen, that doesn’t mean they will look out of place in your home. They are very welcoming cosy kitchens, which tend to have exposed or cosmetically created beams and rustic feel. Colors are usually bright with strong hardwood flooring and bigger/deeper front facing ceramic sinks.

Hamptons Kitchens

A Hampton’s style kitchen tends to be particularly color coordinated and bright that oozes elegance. The often bright white or similar kitchens are usually accompanied with a sprinkling of chrome or matte black finishes, such as black kitchen taps. The sink and Hampton’s kitchen taps effortlessly fall into a stylish marble worktop which allows your kitchen to remain neat and visually impressive.

Modern Kitchens

Extremely popular in new built houses, modern kitchens fit perfectly if you enjoy a sleek minimalistic look in your home. Simple colors, a lot of open space and innovative technology means the modern kitchen is right on trend. Out of the box storage ideas and alternative lighting options can create a true wow factor in your home. Modern kitchen sinks and kitchen taps tend to vary in color but a popular option at the moment is a black single basin with waterfall taps.

cFrench Provincial Kitchens

Also known as provincial kitchens, French provincial kitchens are an elegant, sophisticated style that originated in the French countryside. Due to this a lot of the colors involved are those of the countryside and atmosphere surrounding them. A true representation of the beauty of the French landscape. Rustic, warm and more of a deeper tone than say a Hampton’s kitchen. The sink and taps tend to differ from most other kitchen designs, French provincial taps are usually a different color from the sink. In most cases they match the accessories or handle color, this gives a striking but effective look.

Take Inspiration

After running through a few design types, it is important to remember that just because there are specific styles there is nothing wrong with picking what you like from all of them. It’s your kitchen and design it to the look and needs you want.

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