Tips to make your gutters work for your home sale in Preston, Texas

Much like the rest of the United States, the Texas real estate market was in overdrive from 2020 until just recently.  Limited supply, low mortgage rates, and serious competition made areas like Preston, Texas a hotbed for quick selling, high price homes to sell despite home value or lingering maintenance issues.  But in 2022, as inflation shifts the real estate market, buyers are not so willing to purchase a home that needs repairs.  For this reason, if you are gearing up to sell your Preston, Texas home it’s imperative that you fix any issues that impede your home sale.  One possible issue that should be considered is a non-existent or damaged gutter system.  Your home’s gutter system is supposed to collect rain as it falls from the roof and move it away from your house.  A well kept gutter system demonstrates you have taken care of your home which will work in your favor when assessing your home’s value.  You can make your gutters work for your home sale with these tips and tricks.

Focus on installation

If your home needs gutter repairs or installation of new gutters search for a qualified professional to assist.  Gutter systems need to be leveled to prevent ice dams and stagnant water.  A professional will know where to place the downspouts for optimal drainage and where to reinforce gutter troughs so the system continues to work properly for a long time.

Match your gutters to your home

Gutters are supposed to blend into the exterior of your home rather than make a bold statement and stand out.  In order for them to fit seamlessly into your home’s exterior you should match the gutters to your home’s outdoor trim. You should also choose a gutter style that matches your home. Gutters can be K-style or half-rounded. A K-style gutter is the most common gutter shape.  It has a flat bottom and  aprofiled face that resembles crown molding.  Half-round gutters have a semicircular trough with a curled front lip and work well with traditional homes.  Finally, consider the size of your gutters.  Smaller homes might look overpowered by larger 8-inch gutters and should stick with 5 or 6 inch troughs.  Larger homes should opt for 6 or 8 inch gutters since they will easily blend with the rest of the home.

Choose popular materials

There are several different types of gutter materials to choose from, each with their own pros and cons.  The most inexpensive gutter material is vinyl, however its low cost is evident in its short lifespan.  It is prone to breaking, bending, and discoloration.  Aluminum is the most popular choice of gutter material because it is relatively inexpensive but completely resistant to corrosion.  Aluminum gutters can have strength issues though and may break under heavy pressure.  Metal gutters such as stainless steel and copper are more expensive and difficult to install.  However, they are very strong and completely resistant to rust.  They also have a very long lifespan with copper gutters lasting close to 100 years.

Add extras

No matter where you live, there is always a chance for your gutters to be clogged by debris.  Homeowners truly dislike climbing up on a ladder once or twice a year and removing old leaves, sticks, and whatever else may have found a home in their gutters.  To avoid clogged gutters you should install a gutter guard.  These are covers that go over your gutters.  They will keep debris out of the troughs and prevent clogs around corners and in downspouts.  They could also add value to your home during the appraisal process as they demonstrate a close attention to detail and upkeep of your home.

Despite the slow down of home sales across Texas, you can still sell your Preston, Texas home fast and for a great price.  Work with a top Preston, Texas real estate agent, complete repairs that will attract buyers, and keep up with the overall maintenance of your home’s gutter system.

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