Difference Between Kitchen and Laundry Sink

When shopping for a new kitchen or laundry sink it is important that you have a good idea about the differences between the two. There are of course sinks out there which can fit both purposes, but in general terms a laundry sink wouldn’t work well in a kitchen, and the same would be true of a sink designed for the kitchen being put in the laundry. Ultimately it comes down to the way in which we use both of these spaces, and this is what dictates how the sink is designed.

When looking for a new laundry or kitchen sink, here are the differences which you need to pay attention to.

Depth of the Sink

Broadly speaking you are going to find that the depth of a laundry sink is far larger than that which you will put in the kitchen. There are some exceptions here, for example those large, ceramic sinks which are placed in a farmhouse-style kitchens. For the most part however you will find a much deeper sink for the laundry. The reason for this is that it is expected that people use the laundry trough for cleaning of clothes, muddy boots and shoes and maybe even pets. This requires much more space of course and that is why they are often designed with more depth.

Mounting Options

The mounting choices which you will find for a kitchen sink will be under-mount, dual mount and farmhouse. These are also mounting option which you will find for the laundry but sinks for this room will come join a wider range of mounting styles. Here you will find wall mount sinks, cabinet mounted sinks and even laundry tubs which are free standing.

We see a larger range of mounting options in the laundry because so many people have challenges around the shape and the size of their laundry rooms. Given that a kitchen sink is so much more important, it is assumed that the likes of a wall-mounted sink wouldn’t be required. If you are short on space in your laundry then pay attention to the range of mounting options which are out there, these can be of great help.

Number of Basins

Dual sinks for kitchens often feature two main bowls and a third, drainage part in the centre. What we will often find when it comes to laundry sinks however is that they are either single bowl, or dual-bowl yet without that drainage feature. Most of us require nothing more than a single bowl in the laundry, perhaps with an area for drainage.

 In the kitchen however we use the sink for far more than just rinsing and washing, and this is why we see a difference in the designs of these sinks. Again you may find that a basic dual bowl kitchen sink works really well in the laundry, but generally you will see this marked difference in the way that each is designed.

These are the fundamental differences to keep an eye out for when you are looking for a kitchen or laundry sink for your home.

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