Simply living: how to make your home low-maintenance

Life is busy. Life seems to get busier as it goes on. One minute we’re chilling on the couch, the next we’re rushing to complete a report by tomorrow morning! Given that modern life has a habit of making us rush, we should look for ways to simplify other obligations. Keeping a clean home is one of such obligations that can be simplified. You shouldn’t have to spend hours cleaning the home in an already busy schedule. Instead, there are numerous things you can do to make it almost maintenance free!

Let’s take a look at some of those tips below:

  1. Install low-maintenance doors & windows 

The doors and windows are two fixtures that often require a lot of maintenance. But with the right materials you can get away with a quick wipe down every few months. The best aluminium windows Melbourne has truly simplifies your cleaning process. Aluminium is a smooth, pore-free surface, one that makes cleaning easy. You won’t have to struggle for hours to wipe out any dirt, debris, dust or gunk that has accumulated. All you will need is a quick wipe-down to remove any grimy properties from the surface – simple!

  1. Declutter 

Clutter only creates more work in the future. If you have stacks of unnecessary goods that only seem to be growing then it is time to reevaluate its necessity. That’s just a quick example. But if you can see a way in which your home could be more clutter-free then go for it! If you don’t feel the need for whatever is resting the clutter then it is a good idea to get rid of it now. Otherwise, you may find yourself cleaning up all that mess and whatever else joined it on a Saturday where you could be kicking it with your mates.

  1. Invest in robot cleaning tech 

Yes, it’s a thing and no, it should come as little surprise that it’s a thing. If you dread the thought of spending your Sunday mopping then tech can help you with that. There are numerous modern appliances that can automate cleaning for you. Kick back and relax whilst they whiz along the floor, mopping and vacuuming and making the space clean again. Mopping and vacuuming has always been a drag, so why not avoid the problem altogether with some super smart tech that can handle it for you?

  1. Choose simple design elements 

By making your home, dare we say it, more minimalist, you can make your home easier to clean. For example, downlights without porous fittings can reduce the need for dusting. Basically, anything that won’t collect dirt and debris is a winner, and should be considered for a clean, low-maintenance home. Also, the bathroom can be fitted with floating cabinetry and toilets, as these make cleaning the floor so much easier!

  1. Avoid maintenance costs on materials

It’s that same old thing: don’t skip out on costs for materials. Subpar home products and materials only falter in their first few months. Not only will this make you spend more on the home, but you might even be the one who has to do the handywork. This is not fun when you’re just trying to chill and enjoy your weekend.

So, be sure to spend that little bit more on quality home fixtures, materials and products. Your future self will thank your current wise self for saving future money and hassle.

Be sure to follow these tips for creating a low-maintenance home. They go a long way to helping you enjoy your space without the frustration of constantly cleaning it!

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