Diy Wall Art Ideas With Wall Stickers For Your Living Room

Be it walls of your intimate bedroom, or a bustling living room, they dampen or crack because of exterior climatic conditions. The living room is arguably the most important part in the house for decorating. It is the room where you entertain guests and loved ones, and it is where families spend most of their time at home.

Wall stickers are the easiest solution to spruce up a damaged wall and elevate your living room aesthetically. Since wall decals are easy to stick on surfaces with little professional help, this can turn into a fun DIY activity for you and your loved ones.

Are you looking for some classic living room decor? We have got you covered. At Asian Paints we have wall stickers for living rooms that have a wide range covering from vinyl patterns and intricately designed decals to the trendy 3D stickers.

Want to jazz up your living room? Take a glance at these DIY wall art ideas with stickers to enhance the experience of your living room.

1.   The flora and fauna

When it comes to interior decor, the concept of flora and fauna is the most popular theme for designing the living rooms. The necessity to include natural elements in your space arises from the wish to lighten up after a hectic day or happy family time. Hence, you can always opt for florals with some greens.The colourful flower patterns with detailed birds cover the space around your furniture delightfully.

2.   Ode to an Indian traditional decor

Why look for inspiration everywhere, when you can discover intricate patterns from the land of culture itself? India has a deep history of interior decor from palaces, mandalas, to temples and villas. You can apply it in your living room and add a modern Indian touch to the space.

3. Quote it out

The living room reflects your family and the belonging to oneness. And what better way to exude the feeling than quoting your favourite lines as living room wall stickers? If you think a motto or line represents your family, use it as a wall sticker to show your hood beautifully.

Choose your wall stickers for the living room in a way that is easy to read and captures your emotions well.

4. Magic of elegant motifs

Sometimes, all you want for your living room is to exhibit a classic and sophisticated look. And motifs come to the rescue! These repeated intricate designs can instantly lift your solid coloured walls to a minimalistic yet eye-catchy attraction.

Motif stickers can range from simple florals to detailed multicoloured geometric designs. Asian Paints brings this theme alive with Flower Flourish motifs that represent the best of Indian tradition in your home.

Now that you have an idea about the variety of wall stickers for the living room, you can experiment with hundreds of designs and colours. Remember to follow the basic rules of wall design like:

●        Cleaning the surface for good adhesion between the sticker and the wall.

●        Cutting the wall decals using craft knives for better-looking corners and edges and

●     The correct colour coordination of the wall and the decal to make an aesthetic statement.

So, get creative with this fun DIY activity by choosing the perfect wall decal and flaunt your living room.

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