Matt Davies Stockton Examines What to Do If a Stairlift Breaks Down


According to Matt Davies Stockton, stairlifts are a necessity in households occupied by the elderly and adults with some type of physical disability or mobility issues. That’s why when they break down, the first response of the homeowner is often to call the repair guy and shell out money for costly repairs. However, it is possible to fix your stairlift by yourself in many cases, especially if the issues are minor.

The Details

Here are a few things to do when your stairlift breaks down:

  1. Check for signs of obstructions on the stairs and the track – Every stairlift is installed with sensors that detect obstructions such as household items and toys in order to prevent any accidents. Thus, if their sensors are triggered due to any small object on the path of the stairlift or the footrest, they will not work until the object is removed.

You can tap both sides of the footrest to check whether they are working. Also, try moving the stairlift in the opposite direction. This will allow you to remove any obstruction present.

Sometimes, new flooring, carpeting, trailing wires, and small objects can obstruct the track of the rack hinge rail. This can cause the stairlift to stop functioning altogether or interfere with the smooth operation. For instance, it can stop working midway. Thus, it is important to lubricate the entire track every few months and periodically check the tracks for signs of obstructions.

  1. Inspect the key switch – If your key switch is not in the correct position, the stairlift will not work. Thus, if your stairlift is not working, it is the first thing that you should check. Typically, the key switch should be located on the lower front cover of the armrest or on top of the landing chassis side.

Once you locate the key switch, ensure you turn it on and off to check whether it is working properly. Also, remember to check the separate control units and the fuse spur. Finally, remove and reinsert the key and ensure it is in the correct position before giving it a go once again.

  1. Check the power – You can check the indicator lights of the stairlift to understand whether it is receiving power properly. When your stairlift is not receiving any power, it will not function. Typically, red color or no illumination at all indicates that the stairlift is not receiving any power.

If your stairlift is not getting any power you can check whether the power supply is turned on and plugged into the power outlet, ensure the power outlet is working properly, and check whether the circuit breaker has been tripped.

You can plug in a different appliance in the power outlet to check whether it is working properly. If no appliance is receiving power, there is something wrong with the power outlet itself. Otherwise, if they work, there is some issue with the stairlift.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests you check the handheld remote control of the stairlift since it will not work if it needs new batteries. Thus, if you suspect a low battery on the remote control, you can simply replace the old batteries with new ones and try your luck once again.

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