How do I pick a roof colour?

The roof can make up to a huge impression on the overall appearance of your property. As a result, choosing the proper hue and material is an important aspect of your home’s overall curb appeal. All the materials starting from asphalt to wood to metal roofing vary greatly.

Choosing a colour that boosts the curb appeal of your home can have a big impact on the lifetime of your home, whether you plan to stay in it for the long term or plan to sell it soon.

How to Pick the Right Roof Colour for Your Home?

How to pick the right roof colour for your home begins with the courage to express your desire for something unique. A few important things to consider:

·        Your homes architectural style

Some houses have a highly classic appearance to them. If you want to retain the home’s classic appearance, you should think about its past. If you enjoy change, you might want to consider going in a different direction than the norm. But, before you do so, make sure you are certain that you want something unique for your home’s aesthetic. But if you like change you can always modify your roof whether it’s shingle or it is metal roofing just by adding colour to it.

·        Siding colour

Take notice of the colour of any shutters or prominent windows. You don’t want a house with red siding, black shutters, and a light brown roof that seems out of place. It’s critical to match the colour of your siding to the colour of your roof shingles if you want your home’s overall look to be perfect.

·        Natural surrounding

The natural hues that surround your property play a significant part in determining the colour of your roof, ensuring that your home stands out without looking out of place.

Siding-Roof Combination that goes Well Together

How to pick the right roof colour for your home? Try these combinations:

  • Brown siding goes well with maroon, dark blue, green dark brown.
  • White siding goes well with black, brown, grey and blue.
  • Blue siding goes well with black, grey, dark brown and white
  • Beige siding goes well with light brown, red, blue and yellow.
  • Green siding goes well with light brown and grey.
  • Grey siding goes well with blue, brown, black and dark green.
  • Red siding goes well with black, dark green and dark brown.


Finally, consider all the required points to know the right answer to how to pick the right roof colour for your home? Choose it wisely as colours on different material gives varied look, for instance, a certain colour on metal roofing gives a modern look contrary to the shingles traditional look with the same colour.

When you look at everything as a whole, you will be able to choose the perfect roof colour to tie everything together. If all else fails, the traditional roof colours such as black, dark grey, light brown, dark brown, and grey are always a good option that works well with anything everything.

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