Call The Professionals: Don’t DIY Water Restoration!

Water damage happening to your home can be one of the most disruptive emergencies that can possibly happen. When this happens, the best thing you can do is call in specialists to bring your home back to its original state. This is called water damage remediation.

Upfront, water damage remediation sounds simple. All you have to do is dry out the water right? This is not quite accurate. It’s a time consuming and complex process that can take days to weeks depending on how much damage has been done. This is because water, when incorrectly dried or if left to sit can cause permanent damage and harm to people in the home. So, let’s look at why you should call water damage restoration services.

Why is Water Damage Dangerous?

Structural Damage

Lingering water damage can cause immense structural damage to your property, and it can be to the extent where walls crack, floors get damaged, and foundations are cracking, as this is an expensive repair to undertake.

Mold & Mildew

When water damage is allowed to sit in your home, it increases moisture levels, and this can lead to things like mold and mildew occurring. Mold is possibly one of the worst things to infest your home, this is because it can damage your walls, ruin the look of your home and also cause health issues as we elaborate on below.

Health Issues

When humans are exposed to mold over a long period of time, it can cause health issues. This depends on the person, and infants and the elderly are often more likely to see issues due to their health. Some of these health issues include respiratory illnesses that can cause cold and flu symptoms or asthma.

Terrible Smells

Water damage can come with a musty smell. This is caused by the mold and can’t ever be covered up, no matter how much air freshener you spray every day. The only way to get rid of this is to remove the source of the water leak and the mold causing the odor.

Stains In the Home

Often you can see water damage before it turns into mold. This usually happens in the form of a water stain on walls, the floor or on the ceiling, and these stains are unfortunately almost always permanent and require a paint job to fix.

Higher Repair Costs

The reality is that the longer you leave water damage sitting, the more it’s going to cost to repair. Fixing the problem immediately is the fastest and easiest way to reduce overall costs, although you may be hesitant at first.

Electrical Damage

When water damage happens behind walls or when the cause is due to flooding, your home’s electrical system can be compromised. This can lead to two issues, one is simply being without power for a few days, the other is the risk of electrocution. Both are not ideal.

Water Damage Means a Bigger Issue

Sometimes you can’t tell what the cause of water damage is from the mold or the water stains. As water runs, the real source of the damage could be a roof leak, but you’re seeing the issue all the way in the basement. This is why you should have the experts look at your hem and ensure that you fix the real issue, not the issue you’re seeing, which is really just a symptom.

Hidden Damage

Even if you manage to clean off the water stains, have you really checked if your home is entirely free of water damage? If you aren’t experienced, you may think the water damage is gone once you repaint your walls, but did you check the insulation behind it? To do this, you’d need to invest in expensive moisture trackers for your home, and check every nook and cranny, and this can take time. Instead, just get the job done once, and professionally.

Insurance Issues

Home insurance is something that you have in place to help you cover the costs if there’s ever any damage to your home, but it usually comes with the caveat that you report this damage as soon as possible. If you fail to do so, you may wind up finding out that you are not covered for the claim, and this is yet another reason to act fast.

Looking at the above it’s clear that DIY isn’t for everyone, and if you want to stay safe and sit back, let Flood Pro’s USA take the stress off your hands with their mold remediation Services and  water restoration processes.

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