Handy Shares Wall Art Ideas that You Can Try at Home


According to Hanbdy, DIY wall art can transform your living space into something wonderful while also allowing you to infuse the space with your personality, style, and taste. Plus, DIY wall art is fun to create and can save a lot of money since you don’t have to pay for expensive wall art solutions.

The Ideas

Here are a few wall art ideas that you can try at home:

  1. Simple and elegant fired ink art – Ink arts look stunning and are similar to watercolor paintings. However, they are easier to create and have an extra velvety charm that you cannot achieve with normal watercolor arts. To make ink art, all you have to do is combine some rubbing alcohol and alcohol-based ink and pour the mixture onto a glass surface.

Then you have to wait for some time to let the beautiful and colorful organic lines and shapes spread over the glass surface to create intricate patterns. Once the surface of the frame dries completely you will have a piece of art that you can hang proudly at your home.

  1. Porcelain gallery art – Do you own a lot of porcelain sets that are stowed inside your trusty old cupboard and never see the light of the day? Why not put them to good use and display their true value for everybody to witness?

Many people are enamored with exquisite and rare China collections and love to display them on their shelves. You, on the other hand, can create a porcelain gallery wall with all your precious sets on a fine display.

  1. DIY floral monogram wall art – Do you love flowers and love to be surrounded by them all the time? Alas, although flowers are beautiful, they tend to wither away after some time. Fortunately, you can create floral monogram wall arts that look as pleasing as natural flowers with some basic skills and by watching a few good YouTube tutorials.

And, if you don’t want to DIY, you can purchase floral monogram wall arts online pretty easily or from your nearby gift store. There are a lot of varieties to choose from and they can liven up your living room and make them seem more elegant due to their beautiful charm.

  1. Inspirational message rustic board art – Everybody needs a little inspiration and motivation from time to time to juice up their energy reserves and liven up their mood. However, there is no need to search for inspirational messages online every time you feel down.

You can create a rustic board and paint your very own personalized inspirational quote or message. Just think back to a time in your life where you felt extremely inspired and capture that moment in a few defining words to help you get back on track whenever you feel down.


Handy believes that surrounding yourself with various forms of art can be very beneficial for your temperament, mood, and energy levels. Good quality art is inspiring and exudes positive vibes that can help you to stay optimistic whenever you are around those objects.

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