Things To Know About Room Thermostat On Off

As a control solution for air conditioning systems, the on-off ambient thermostat was developed to control on/off valves and compressors/resistance. It can be applied in any single-stage conditioner, always with efficiency and a high-quality level.

These are devices installed on the wall of the room. The air circulation is constant and consistently above 1.5 m above the ground because only in this way can the on-off room thermostat act to capture the room’s temperature.

Air circulation is essential, but the on-off ambient thermostat is never mounted with short distances from the wall to doors or windows. It is always located in places where the sun’s rays do not fall perpendicularly on the thermostat.

Environment Thermostat On-Off – Advantages

The off ambient thermostat provides the user with a quick and precise temperature change with ease and practicality. This controller can be mounted on the walls of the rooms where the air conditioning system is installed, as if it were a switch, as the thermostat controls the temperature and fan speed of the air conditioning equipment.

The temperature range that the user can find in an on-off ambient thermostat varies between 5°C and 35°C. The consumption of this controller is low, and its power supply can have a voltage of 220 volts.

The on-off room thermostat can be mounted directly on the room wall, either in commercial establishments or industries. This makes access easy, or it can also be mounted in conduit boxes. For those looking for greater accessibility, the thermostat is recommended to be mounted directly on the wall.

Through the keys of the room thermostat on off, you can manually choose the hot/cold options, in addition to having the possibility of 3 ventilation speeds. The design of the on-off ambient thermostat is modern and discreet; its LCD screen allows the customer to use it outdoors and easily visualize the commands.

With the ambient thermostat on-off, safety is guaranteed. The controller has a limit that indicates the extent to which the customer can increase or decrease the temperature of the air system, thus preventing overheating and freezing the air conditioning system.

Room Thermostat Price

The room thermostat at blackhawksupply.com is of great importance in many industrial and commercial segments. It is a product capable of providing greater capacity for temperature control of environments and equipment, which can significantly reduce wear from, for example, overheating of equipment in operation.

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