Installing a fireplace in the room adds significantly to the aesthetic value. It can transform the house. The European Home Fireplaces is known for combining traditional and modern touches to create a fireplace that is perfect for every home. They have a wide variety of beautifully crafted electric, gas and wood fireplaces. Choosing a fireplace can be a daunting experience as there are too many choices. Some of the most popular and classic ranges you could consider are as follows. You can’t go wrong if you choose one of these designs.

Contemporary Fireplace

European Home offers a contemporary line of fireplaces. They can be installed outdoors and indoors. There are various types of fireplaces available in this range which include suspended, see-through, linear and vertical. If you are looking for a fireplace to be the centrepiece of the room, it makes for an ideal choice. Cutting edge technology and clean lines are used to manufacture them. These are vent-free fireplaces and can be easily attached anywhere.


You should consider this range when looking for frameless or minimal fireplaces. They are highly efficient and can be fueled by wood or gas. You can choose from different designs, textures and flame colours. Each fireplace in this range has been crafted with great detail and will significantly add to the aesthetic value of the room. They are also highly durable.

Double-sided range

If you are looking for a fireplace range that has a modern appeal, this is the one that you should consider. The two-sided visibility of the fireplace can easily blend in with any architectural and interior aesthetic that you want to opt for. The models present in the range are see-through and can be installed in the corners. You could consider them for both outdoors and indoors.

Three-Sided Fireplace

A three-sided fireplace range is an excellent choice if you want a unique fireplace. The design is highly sophisticated without any frame. One of the great things about this range is that it provides a gorgeous view of the robust flames produced. Each unit in the range has been designed with meticulous attention to detail. This helped to create a fireplace that is highly functional and breathtakingly beautiful. Installing the three-sided fireplace can amp up the aesthetics of the room.

Four-sided fireplace range

This type of fireplace has a campfire feel to it. As it is four-sided, there is an all-around view of the fire. As you can view the fire from all the sides, this can’t be installed on the wall. It is highly efficient in nature. One of the best things about this type of fireplace is that you can enjoy the flames from every side.

Outdoor Range

The Modern Outdoor range by European home can be suspended or mounted on the wall. This type of fireplace is highly durable and can easily withstand weather elements. It is available in various styles, so you can choose one which blends perfectly with the traditional, modern or contemporary layouts.

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