Shabby shed?: signs it’s time for an upgrade

There nothing says an Aussie property more than a well-used shed. The chipped timber, overgrowth and rusting paint are ubiquitous in homes from the city to the bush and far beyond. And whilst these dingy buildings are an important part of our landscape, they don’t do much for style or functionality. What’s more, the older they get the more dangerous they become, as they are liable to structural damage that could cause collapse!

Sure, we all wish we could hang on to that structure our grandpas built back in the 60s. But, if it’s dangerous and/or failing to serve its purpose then it is certainly time for an upgrade.

With this in mind, here are a few signs you’re in need of a brand new shed:

  1. It looks on the verge of collapse

This is the most important sign it’s time for new garage sheds. The last thing you want is to be doing some DIY in there and the roof collapses over your head. We don’t need to tell you just how dangerous this risk is. What’s more, it can lead to your hard work being destroyed. So, if you look out on your structure and think, “hmmm, looks like the roof’s about to cave in” then you are probably in need of a new build.

There is plenty of peace of mind that comes with a new build. You can trust that it is a safe and sturdy structure. You can also trust that your prized DIY work, paintings, possessions, whatever, likely won’t succumb to a roof collapse in the middle of a stormy night!

  1. It doesn’t suit your lifestyle

Sure, that design might have been perfect when you first built it. But what if your work or lifestyle needs have changed? What if you no longer need the design for its original purpose? If you are looking to change lifestyles or professions then perhaps your current design has outrun its purpose?

A brand new design will ensure that you can complete whatever work you want. Or, if it’s not work-related, you can design a structure that will optimise storage space for all your essentials. Either way, a new design could be much more beneficial for whatever reason you need it. This is in sharp contrast to wasting the space simply because it doesn’t suit your interests anymore.

  1. It has lost its functionality

Busted hinges, shabby storage hooks, lack of space – all of these are signs that your shed has lost its functionality. Look, it happens, especially as many designs are super old and have withstood Australia’s wild elements for many years. Yes, it can be tough to let go, as letting go of anything we love is tough. However, there is always a beautiful reprieve on the other side – in this case it’s a stunning new design that truly optimises your lifestyle efficiency!

  1. You’re simply looking for a change

Or, perhaps you don’t love your shed? Perhaps you look at it and say, “gee, I’m sick of this garage”. If this is the case then you are certainly looking for an upgrade. After all, we don’t always need a reason for a change – sometimes it calls us without us knowing why. It’s just a hunch, a feeling that something has to go to bring in something anew.

If you feel that way about your garage then it is definitely time for an incredible upgrade!

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