Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Things A Roofer Will Lookout for When on Your Roof


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, a good roof inspector can save you a lot of headaches and money in the long term. Most people have no idea how bad a roof problem is unless they hire a professional roofer and thus, it’s important to hire a reputed roofer that can spot all the problems associated with your old roof.

The Details

Here are a few things that a roofer will look out for when on your roof:

  1. Visible leaks or interior water stains – One of the most common things that roofers check for is visible roof leaks or water stains that indicate water leaks on the ceiling. Water leaks can be a source of major annoyance, especially during the rainy season. However, roof leaks can be fixed if they are minor or solved via roof replacement if the damage is extensive.
  1. The condition of roof decking – The condition of your roof decking is another thing that a roofer will check during their work process. Typically, the inspector will check whether the surface underneath is spongy or solid and also check the integrity of the nails holding your roof. If the integrity of your roof is compromised, you have to opt for a roof replacement.
  1. The attic ventilation – Attic ventilation is another common thing that roofers will inspect at first since without proper ventilation on the attic, it can create all sorts of roof problems. For instance, when cold or hot air is trapped inside the attic, it can damage and shorten the lifespan of your roof. Thus, it’s necessary to maintain proper ventilation in the attic.
  1. Roof shingles – Checking whether the shingles on your roof were properly installed is crucial since otherwise, it can drastically reduce the lifespan of your roof. During a roof inspection, a roofer will check for loose, buckling, blistering, cracked, and missing shingles. They will also check for nails that have been driven sideways which resulted in bumps or cracks in the roof.
  1. The number of roof layers – The number of layers on your roof and complicate the replacement process during extensive damage and thus can cost more. As a result, one of the first things that a roof inspector will check once they get up is the number of layers on your roof. For repairing minor roof damage, they may need to remove only the damaged layer along with the layer underneath if they deem it necessary. However, they might need to tear off all the layers for a complete roof replacement.
  1. The chimney – A roof inspector will check the chimney for the condition of its cap, mortar, and also for flashing. The chimney can become susceptible to damage if the mortar starts to absorb moisture.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you conduct thorough research and gather information from several reputed sources before hiring a local roofing contractor. A skilled roofing expert can share their honest opinion and give you a complete picture of the situation with your roof.

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