Handy Shares Ways to Get Modern Interior Planning for Your Household


According to Handy, the focus of modern interior design is about improving the functionality of your home and introducing new innovations. Unlike other popular home decor styles such as mid-century modern, Victorian, Scandinavian, Japanese, and more that highlights ambiance and atmosphere,  modern home decor style screams progress and innovation along with improved functionality.

The Planning

Here are a few ways to incorporate modern interior planning for your household:

  1. Settle on a theme – One of the benefits of choosing to do modern interior planning for your household is that you can convert your old or traditional home decor into modern decor by introducing modern furniture, futuristic style elements, and the appropriate color scheme. However, you still have to settle on a theme since there are so many options.

For instance, if your current design is focused on a rustic theme, you can turn it into a modern rustic design. Perhaps, you love minimalism and currently have decor that resembles Scandinavian interior decor style, in which case you can turn it into a modern minimalistic home decor style.

  1. Opt for modern flooring – There are lots of modern floor options that you can choose from. For instance, you can opt for vinyl flooring if you want to achieve an edgy look. A smooth hardwood flooring that melds with furniture, installments of cabinetry, fixtures, islands, and more look stunning.

Tiled or marbled flooring with smooth surfaces and a clean look is another popular option. Just make sure to choose neutral colors to complement the color palette of your home and make sure it doesn’t have too much texture.

  1. Choose modern floor plans – Modern floor plans allow you a ton of freedom and flexibility. This means that the living space in contemporary homes has open plans. For instance, if you have a large home, you can place out the furniture to utilize as much living space as possible. The couch placement could be such that it overlooks the entertainment area with TV sets and the dining room.

It can feature an open-planned cooking and dining space with a kitchen island that further extends into the living room.

  1. Integrate modern color palette and geometric patterns – Modern homes should feature neutral colors that integrate well with furniture pieces with toned-down colors. As such, neutral colors and monochromatic shades such as white, black, beige, and gray are perfect since these provide a sense of functionality. However, you do need to complement the overall color scheme with brighter and bolder colors by using furniture elements such as throw pillows to liven up the ambiance. Modern home decor also features geometric prints and patterns such as clean edges, straight lines, and minimalistic texture on cabinetry, furniture pieces, crockery, and more.


Handy suggests you introduce a ton of natural light into your home and complement it with accent lighting, lighting fixtures, chandeliers, and more to give your home a proper modern look. Don’t be shy to experiment with beautiful DIF creations and ensure that maintain focal points in ideal locations.

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