7 Garden Trends To Inspire Your Next Renovation

Gardens have recently become one of the most desirable assets of a home, with estate agents seeing such properties being snapped up before they can even arrange viewings. The reasons for such a significant shift in popularity are clear, especially in the wake of lockdowns and a growing trend of remote working. Residents want to be closer to nature.

Those with a garden will know that its design is as potentially fulfilling as a home’s interior, and there are each year a number of different trends that grow popular within garden culture. Today, and with the intent of inspiring your next renovation, we’re sharing seven of the most attractive and exciting trends that gardens across the UK are seeing!

Colours Of Nature

Interestingly, as interior design trends lead our living spaces to become more often grey and white, garden trends are seeing a boost in colour. Not only are residents growing bold and lurid flowers but they are also painting their garden furniture, fences, and plant pots with fantastic colours, from bright blues to striking oranges.

Outbuilding Design

If you are still in the ownership of a garden shed, then you might be falling behind the trends. Outbuilding priorities are shifting away from storage and are focussing now upon luxury and utility, which is why many gardens are seeing sheds swapped for cabins and summer houses.

Utility Not Decoration

As gardens grow in demand, there is great pressure to extract value from their potential. No longer are flower beds and aesthetics are seen as a priority. Instead, gardens are being designed with socialising and experience in mind. Be sure to swap your lawn for a dining area!

Carbon Costs

As homeowners seek to reduce their carbon footprint, the garden becomes a valuable resource. Outdoor spaces are hugely beneficial to those wanting to better support local ecology, and they can become a space for solar power, food waste, insect hotels, and even bat boxes, all of which supports a prosperous and greener landscape.

Garden To Kitchen

As the cost of living continues to rise, more homeowners are looking to their soil. Food is being grown in gardens more frequently and even small spaces are being utilised and transformed in the interest of producing vegetables and fruits. If you have space for a plant pot, you have space for growth.

Natural Wellness

With yoga becoming a standard part of daily routines and a greater emphasis being placed on individual wellness, there is a market for personal and wild spaces. Gardens are meeting this need and residents are, in turn, transforming their outdoor spaces into wonderful natural areas within which to rest, recuperate, and even practice their yoga.


While many see a wild garden as neglect, movements like No Mow May would say otherwise. Allowing a small part of garden space to grow naturally and wild has huge benefits for local wildlife and ecology, especially when it comes to pollinators. So, when planning your next garden layout, be sure to leave something to be purposefully neglected.

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