Do you plan to install outdoor shades on your patio? Well, a little bit of planning goes a long way to ensure you get the right ones and fit them properly to get the most value. Remember that poorly installed outdoor shades will not serve the purpose and will only waste your money. Here are the top aspects to keep in mind.

Sun position

The sun is not stagnant, and it moves from the east to the west during the day, which will directly impact your outdoor shade. If you live off the equator, that means that you will only have the shade in your outdoor sitting at midday during summer.

Again if your primary reason to install a sunshade is to enjoy your patio during midday in the autumn, your positioning will be different if you wish to sit at the same patio during morning hours in the spring.

Consider outdoor shades roll up if you want an all-around shade without interfering with the aesthetic charm of your patio. That means you can adjust the shades by rolling them up or down, depending on the sun’s glare.

Local wind direction

It might be hard to enjoy your outdoor sitting area at times due to harsh winds. Therefore, you also must consider the local wind direction when installing outdoor shades. If you are in a coastal location, it is very easy to predict the main direction of the winds because they blow from the sea every afternoon during the summers.

Most importantly, note that smaller outdoor shades are good with high winds, but they may require extra posts and fixing points. Again outdoor shades roll up are suitable since you can adjust them depending on the current wind conditions. That means you don’t have to keep them down when the weather is not too windy, allowing you to enjoy the open space.

The strength of mounting points

Have you identified where you will mount your outdoor shades? You have to consider the strength and weaknesses of the mounting points. That also depends on whether you are installing custom shades or standard-sized ones. If you are installing custom shades, you only have to adjust the size of the shade to match your mounting points.

On the other hand, if you have opted for standard-sized shades, you must adjust your mounting points, and they must be strong enough. Wire strops or stretching ropes come in handy to extend the attachment points if they seem too far from the size of the shade.

The location of the barbecue point

Although many materials used to make outdoor shades are fire-resistant, you still have to consider the location of the fire pit or barbecue point. Ideally, you want to avoid any open flames and chemicals within the smoke that may affect the shades.


If your outdoor shade is near a roof without adequate guttering, you have to ensure that water does not flow into the top of the shade or cause torrential downpours that will load the shade.

The takeaway

It is best to evaluate the conditions of your patio to determine how best to install the shades for the most value.

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