Clogged Bathtub? Here is what you need to do

Our bathtubs experience the most water drainage after the kitchen sink which we load up with soaps, hair care products, and even hairs that go directly into the drain. Overtime, the bathtub starts clogging and you find your feet submerging several inches in the dirty water reaching up to your shins. Here’s how you can get rid of your clogged bathtub.

Before you begin

Unclogging the bathtub is not a hard task, you can simply do it with a cup-style plunger. You will require to seal the overflow drain which is higher on the front wall of the tub along the faucet spout. You can recognise the overflow drain as a solid metal disc having an opening on the bottom edge. Overflow drains create a passage for the water to pass if it is overfilled in the tub accidently.

Plungers need suction power, which is killed by the overflow drain’s function as a large air vent. In order to begin using the plunger, you must first use duct tape to seal the overflow entrance.

So you will be needing a cup-style plunger and a duct tape to begin. Following the given steps will give you a clear idea of how you will be proceeding to deal with your clogged bathtub.

  • Prepare the tub

Using the duct tape to close the overflow opening, use the duct tape and press the tape’s edges firmly against the tub’s surface to get it completely sealed. Pull the stopper from the tub drain by unscrewing it or turning it back and forth and add a little hot water in to dissolve the solid soaps.

  • Place the plunger

Using the plunger cover the drain completely with it to create a seal against the surface. The cup seal is essential because it produces the suction necessary for the plunger to work, which releases the clog.

  • Plunge the drain

Push the plunger down and then pull it up forcefully repeatedly around five to six times by maintaining the seal throughout the strokes to create pressure. The water will be forced up and down with the pressure of the plunger, eventually breaking the clog apart as the water is forced down the pipe and then sucked back up.

  • Remove the duct tape

After your bathroom is unclogged remove the duct tape and replace the stopper back in its place securely.

Get help of a plumber’s snake

If you still got your bathtub clogged even after plunging several times then you can try the magic tool also known as the plumber’s snake. You can find a plumber’s snake at any hardware store easily, which you can use to get through the clog easily and have your clogged bathtub clear.

Slowly lower the snake down the drain once you think you have found the obstruction. Start spinning the handle once you have raised the snake and removed it from the drain. When you’re finished, run some water down the drain to be sure the clog has been completely removed.


A clogged bathtub leads to a clogged brain which is why it is important to know how to clear it. We hope these tips have helped you fix your bathtub without spending a cost on the plumber’s fees.

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