Answering Bathroom Remodeling FAQs From Homeowners In South Charleston Ohio!

It’s perfectly normal for homeowners to have many questions on their minds while they’re preparing for a bathroom remodeling project. No one wants to make mistakes during this type of home improvement construction, which is why it’s so critical to be as informed as possible before construction begins.

The bathroom remodeling south charleston ohio specialists at Dream Big Contracting work with hundreds of homeowners on a yearly basis, so they’ve answered their fair share of remodeling questions. We’re lucky enough to have partnered up with them to learn more about the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that they get from their customers, so keep reading on to see if your bathroom remodeling questions are answered in the below sections!

What do bathroom remodels involve?

Bathroom remodeling projects typically involve replacing multiple appliances, fixtures, finishes and surfaces that are found within a home’s existing bathroom—and the general purpose of remodeling a bathroom is to give it a new look and to improve the bathroom’s overall functionality.

Bathroom remodels range dramatically in scope, but homeowners will need professional plumbers, electricians and cabinetry specialists to ensure a smooth process. It’s also likely that your area has local building codes and regulations that need to be abided by, which typically means a licensed contractor must conduct these remodels on your behalf.

What should I do before my bathroom remodeling project begins?

It’s a good idea to shop for your new bathroom fixtures well in advance before your remodeling project begins, and this is partly because your preferred colors or styles might not be available until later in the future.

You should also decide whether or not you’d like to completely gut your existing bathroom before your project begins, which would include removing all finishes and fixtures.

The good news is that your contractor should be able to help you answer this question as they help you during the preparation stages.

How long do bathroom remodels take to finish?

The vast majority of residential bathroom remodeling projects can be finished within about 7-12 days; however, it’s important to remember that local building department approvals will need to be obtained and subcontractor availability might create delays.

Several site meetings will also be necessary prior to the bulk of the construction work as well.

How much should my remodeling budget be?

Everyone’s financial situation is different in terms of deciding what bathroom remodeling budgets should be, so there’s no real way to provide a specific answer for this FAQ.

There are all sorts of extravagant upgrades and installations that can quickly drive up your project’s costs, so it’s important to be transparent with your contractor about what you can afford and what bathroom changes mean the most to you.

Can I get a bathroom update, instead of a full remodel?

Bathroom updates are considered to be a more affordable option as compared to complete remodels.

These types of updates will include things like updating your bathroom flooring, replacing your shower or bathtub, repairing your counters, or replacing your lighting.

Everyone’s needs are unique, so you can always update certain aspects of your bathroom without having to change everything!

What’s the most expensive aspect of bathroom remodeling?

Electrical and plumbing fixtures tend to be the most expensive products that coincide with bathroom remodeling projects in South Charleston, Ohio.

Many bathroom remodels can cost upwards of $8-16,000, but this depends upon the size of the bathroom and the project’s overall magnitude.

What materials should go in my remodeled bathroom?

Many of today’s homeowners are jumping on trends that use stone floors, wet walls, and all sorts of beautiful tiles. Your new cabinets can come in all sorts of wood finishes, as well as colors.

And what’s great about bathroom remodels is that these projects are open to a lot of creativity and personal interpretation, so the materials that you end up with are totally up to you and your tastes!

What are the most important factors for a new bathroom?

Convenience and comfort are some of the most important factors associated with new bathrooms, so these are a few of the considerations that you’ll need to keep in mind while planning out your project.

If you end up adding space into your bathroom, you can likely install new amenities within the space’s décor, but everything comes back to your personal comfort and the overall convenience of your new upgrades.

What are some of the most stylish bathroom sink styles?

The two most stylish bathroom sink styles include pedestal sinks and recessed sinks.

They both offer their own pros and cons that homeowners should be aware of, and your contractor can help you determine which sink styles would work best for your project.

Do walk-in showers increase property value?

Walk-in showers generally add more property value as compared to tub/shower combos.

There are also many other benefits and features associated with walk-in showers that people love, including improved convenience and ease. A lot of people also enjoy the aesthetics associated with walk-in showers, so they’re a great option for people who are looking to upgrade their current bathing setup.

What’s the best bathroom flooring?

By far one of the most popular bathroom flooring options is ceramic tile, and this is partly because this flooring’s grout lines can be thoroughly sealed in a way that prevents water damages and mold growth.

Marble is another great bathroom flooring material, and it generally requires less maintenance as compared to stone flooring.

Reach Out To Dream Big Contracting When You Need Bathroom Remodeling In South Charleston Ohio!

The above FAQs about bathroom remodeling are just a tiny snippet into the many questions and concerns that homeowners tend to have about these types of home improvement projects.

If you have more questions that need to be answered, go to the link at the top of the page and speak directly with the remodeling experts at Dream Big Contracting!

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