Most Popular Kitchen Interior Designs in Florida in 2022

In the year 2022, kitchen interior designs have developed and are getting more fascinating than ever. Kitchens have easily become the most popular area in the house in the last two years, transitioning from solely practical use for cooking to a place to enjoy with family. As a result, the new kitchen interior designs that are developing are smart, deliberate, and not fads. Instead, owing to a fresh focus on sustainable materials, hues inspired by the nature like green, and unobtrusive design elements that improve your time spent in the area, they are meant to create more relaxing and pleasant places that will endure the test of time. We have many similar articles on our blog if you are interested in design! But now, let’s go over the most popular kitchen interior designs in Florida in 2022!

Kitchen interior designs in Florida

There are many different trends and kitchen interior designs in Florida for the year 2022, but we found these as the most popular ones:

  • Glazed tiles
  • Black kitchens
  • Brass elements
  • No sharp edges
  • Wood texture
  • White kitchens
  • Wallpapers
  • Trees

Glazed tiles

Although tiles in the kitchen are nothing new, there will be a move away from matte finishes and toward glossy ones. A glazed and glossy tile is not only easier to clean, but it also reflects light around the room, regardless of its hue. This makes your kitchen seem bigger and gives it an amazing look! If you decide to try to tile your kitchen by yourself, you will probably need some help. You should turn to skilled neighbors to help you move out your kitchen furniture and bring over the tiles. That way you will be able to do the tiling yourself without having to move everything yourself!

White kitchen with pantry
A glazed tiling paired with an unusual shape of the tiles makes this even more unique!

Black kitchens

One of the reasons why black kitchen designs have become so fashionable this year is that they are unique. Unlike previous iterations of this idea, this one is brazenly daring. Previously, you might counter with a bright-colored backsplash or combine it with wooden elements for a classic look, but this time black is in focus! This is one of the most popular kitchen interior desings in Florida in 2022!

Brass elements

Experimenting with new fascinating finishes that excite and then please the eye is among the most kitchen interior designs in Florida. Brass-faced cabinets, for example, are a contemporary addition to kitchen design that will acquire a gorgeous patina since it is a living finish. However, brass cabinets are a hot trend for this year, and when combined with a sustainable material like wood, it gives this kind of industrial finish a softer appeal. This is one of our favorite interior decorating tips for 2022!

No sharp edges

For a long time, roundness in many forms – squashy forms, arching shapes, or enormous parts – has been making its way into homes near you, a trend that has dominated furniture design, decoration, and accessories. The kitchen’s traditional ‘hard’ surfaces are taking on a softer, curvier turn as the space’s design reflects its new purpose as a place of tranquility and socialization. The difference between a rounded kitchen surface and a standard hard right angle is striking, and it completely changes the look of your kitchen. A curving kitchen island edge beckons you to run your hand down it, whereas a 90-degree angle suggests you could run into it.

Grey kitchen
By removing the sharp edges, you will both get a more natural look and a safer kitchen!

Wood texture

The reappearance of the wood grain reflects nature’s ever-increasing significance in the kitchen. Put down the paintbrush and forget about shiny kitchen interior designs in Florida in 2022, and appreciate pieces of organic, naturally occurring beauty instead. Woodgrain will be treasured in the kitchen as much as marble veining, as a one-of-a-kind showcase of nature’s splendor and a major nod to sustainable living. Get your hands dirty with cabinets, surfaces, and the walls and floors. And also make sure to find the best quality wood for furniture!

White kitchens

White kitchens are popular for several reasons: they are peaceful, tidy, basic, and light-enhancing, all of which are desirable traits in an increasingly busy room. White is also quite versatile. White kitchens are also the most likely to appeal to prospective buyers if you decide to sell your home. If you decide to sell your home, you should get yourself a realtor and a moving company. That way you will be sure to get the best possible price for your home because of your realtor, and the best moving experience because of your mover. Just make sure to get a reputable moving company like getmovedtoday.com. You can do that by spending some time online reading reviews and getting recommendations from friends. That way you will be safe from moving scams!

White kitchen
White kitchens are becoming very popular again!


Kitchen ideas that treat this once-purely functional space more like a living room appear to be a recurring theme. This year’s kitchen wallpaper themes have been steadily gaining popularity, and we’re seeing more and more of them. We’re not sure why wallpaper has historically been avoided in kitchens in favor of paint and tiling. But now that we want our kitchens to seem more like extensions of our living spaces, adding texture and depth to the clean lines makes sense.


We’re always looking for new methods to bring the outside in, and our obsession with houseplants has grown into something far more. With homeowners deciding to cultivate full-sized trees within their kitchens, house trees are becoming a more common topic on Pinterest and Instagram. The most popular have been olive trees, which give any place a Mediterranean feel and create a distinctive focal point.

In conclusion

We have gone over the most popular kitchen design trends in Florida in 2022! From black kitchens to trees inside them, the trends this year are very interesting and unique. It is just up to you to decide which one fits you the best!

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