It’s Time To Energize Your Crystals

Now that you’ve learned how to clean crystals is time to give energy to the stones. In the same way, there are many methods, but not all are suitable for any crystal.


This is perhaps the most common of all, and that usually works very well, the energization with the sun. It is best to use morning light, which is not very strong and has less risk of damaging the stone. For the crystals that withstand the sun, the right thing is to leave it for a few hours, ok?

Crystals that cannot: amethyst, fluorite, lapis lazuli, malachite, pink or green quartz, aquamarine, tourmaline, turquoise, and citrine.


Despite having different energy than the sun, the more delicate and sensitive moon is also great for energizing stones. The cool thing is to leave it overnight during periods of complete or crescent moons.


Placing the crystals on the ground or buried for at least one full day (24h) is also an option. It must be a place with vegetation around, ok? Afterward, do a physical cleaning to remove the dirt. Ideal for when the stones can’t go out in the sun, or we don’t have much sunlight and moonlight at home.


Just as incense can be used for cleansing, it can also energize crystals. To do this, do the same way, smoking incense so that the smoke picks up on all sides of the stone. Use incense of your choice that you like and bring good energy to you.

Other Crystals

Just as there are crystals that clean, there are also crystals that energize or do both simultaneously. This method is only for when we have stones already energized at home, ok? The stones used are citrine, garnet, super 7, alabaster, selenite, and diamond. Keep in touch for a while.

There are many crystals, and it may be that some you have are not on this list. So, it is worth researching before cleaning to see if it is not sensitive to any practices.

Before, Clean Physically

When we talk about cleaning from stonecenters.com, we are always talking about energy, but we can also do physical cleaning to remove dirt, dust, etc. For that, there’s no secret, do it using water and mild soap (for stones that accept water) and a brush or cotton for those that need to be dry – don’t worry because, throughout the text, we’ll explain which stones accept (or no) water. Would you please not use other chemicals as they can react with crystals that are often sensitive?

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