How to Maximise Your Garden Feng Shui

Many people have heard of feng shui but don’t have a clue about what it actually is. Feng shui is a traditional Chinese art that involves arranging space, objects and buildings to create harmony and achieve balance in the natural world. When applied to the outdoor space of a home, feng shui can help you develop a garden oasis rich with positive energy. Here are a few top tips to help you maximise your garden feng shui.

Create a Balanced Landscape

Taoism is an ancient Chinese religion and philosophy that revolves around existing harmoniously with the universe. Chi is a concept from Taoism, and it is believed to be the life force, or energy, that inhabits everything in the universe. This life force is composed of opposing elements called yin (soft) and yang (hard), and balancing these elements can help improve a person’s flow of chi.

Feng shui is a way of balancing these elements and when it comes to landscape design, you can use yin and yang to create a harmonious balance in your garden. It is believed that yin elements include plant materials such as soft foliage and water, while yang elements include rocks and boulders.

Incorporate the Five Elements

Feng shui is made up of five elements: wood, earth, water, fire and metal. By incorporating these elements into your outdoor space, you can improve the feng shui of your garden. Outdoor areas with greenery and trees already have the wood element covered. You can reinforce this element by planting evergreen plants in your garden that last all year round.

Use Water Features

Water is a yin element, and it can be incorporated into your garden with a water feature; for example, a water fountain, a bird bath or a simple bowl of water displayed in a charming basin.

A garden pond is another great way to include water in your garden, and a wildlife pond can be cultivated to attract different types of creatures to your outdoor space. Water Garden is a family-run business that specialises in pond and lake equipment. They supply high-quality products and can help you create a yin water feature in your outdoor space. For more information, visit water-garden.co.uk.

Add Elemental Colours

Earth is both a yin and a yang element and it can include hard features, such as a rockery. It can also be represented by sand and soil, or with colours such as yellows and browns. The element of fire can be incorporated with plants that have triangular-shaped leaves and have a reddish hue, such as leaf sand cherry and Japanese maple. Metal can be represented with foliage that produces white blooms; for example, potentilla flowers.

Invest in Mindful Garden Décor

Besides landscape design and plants, mindful garden décor can also help improve the chi of your garden. In addition to water features, as mentioned above, metal wind chimes can provide a healing sound to your outdoor space, or for an earthy vibe, decorate your garden with terracotta pottery or use terracotta pots for your plants.

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