Design time: 7 signs you need new kitchen cabinets

Do your cabinets need care? Or, are they so far gone that it is time to replace them? When we live in a home for a few years our fittings start to get dated. Sure, some might see this as a rustic aesthetic, but most see it for what it is: dated. Chips, cracks, discolouring and incongruity are just some of the reasons why you would want to replace these kitchen essentials.

So, if you have noticed any of the following, perhaps it’s time for a stunning upgrade?

  1. They look outdated

If you’re trying to maintain a contemporary home then the most modern designs with elegant kitchen cabinet handles do the job. Conversely, outdated designs look tired and dull, and give the whole space a drab feeling. So, if you notice your designs looking worn out, perhaps it’s time to switch it up?

  1. They are chipped & damaged

When these fittings incur so much damage over the years it can be impossible to fix them. If your cupboards have succumbed to long-term wear-and-tear then there is only really one solution: an upgrade! Because there is no real option for fixing chips, cracks, dents and scratches – it’s only prolonging the inevitable! Therefore, when you notice your designs have had it you should install something new and absolutely stunning.

  1. They are incongruous

Ooft, is there anything more aesthetically-unpleasing than fittings that don’t match the home. It makes a home look downright tacky, and leaves everyone guessing what could have been done better. Perhaps your home was subjected to numerous renovations that left the space unstylish? If so, it’s okay, because you can always rectify those incongruities. This is just one of the many ways you can do so and it makes a big impact.

  1. They look shabby

You may notice that your cabinets look shabby despite not having incurred much damage. This is a real nuisance, especially as it’s likely the result of fading paintwork or damaged wood. The damage doesn’t even have to be too great for you to notice the negative impact it has on the space. When this occurs the only thing you can really do is upgrade to a higher quality design with better materials!

  1. They don’t function correctly

Okay, aesthetics aside, do they actually function correctly? If you’re yanking and wrenching at them every time you reach for a cup then it’s time for a change. This is because they were probably poorly installed. But, despite their poor installation, it doesn’t mean you should have to deal with their ongoing nuisance. The best thing to do is upgrade so that you have a nice, functioning design. You don’t want something that seems like it will fall off with every use – what a nuisance.

  1. The layout is poor

The great thing about a new series is choosing a new layout. If you find that your current design doesn’t accommodate your cooking or lifestyle needs then it’s time for a change. The best thing you can do is design a style that is perfect for your needs and will accommodate your cooking endeavours with aplomb.

  1. You just don’t like them

And you don’t even know why! There is just something bugging you about them. Something that irks you, gives you the ick, leaves you wondering how you can improve on them. Whatever it is it really doesn’t matter – it’s time to make a positive change for your kitchen and your lovely self!

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