10 Accessories For Your Bathroom

When it comes to adding accessories, there is no other room in the home quite like the bathroom. In fact, once you have decided on a basic theme and color palette for the room, it is really the accessories which really add to the style. Of course beyond style there is the functionality which these accessories bring, and here are 10 which you must incorporate into your bathroom.

Plughole Cover

This first choice has absolutely nothing to do with style, and everything to do with function. A quality plughole cover for your tub and your bathroom basin is going to be essential to catch any large items which may fall — hair clips or earrings perhaps — and to ensure that hair doesn’t find its way into the drain. Hair can so easily clog up your pipes and lead to bad odors and blockage problems.

Tub Tray

If you have a bathroom tub then you will no doubt love soaking in it after a long day. To take your bathing to the next level however, grab one of these tub trays where you can put all of your items like drinks, tablets, your phone and even some candles. This makes bathing so much better.

Pendant Pull Cord

If your bathroom has a pull cord to switch the light on then make sure that you pick a stylish pendant to hang at the bottom. Not only will these add weight which will keep the cord in place, it will also compliment the theme which you have in the rest of the bathroom.

Hanging Product Holder

Finding space for your bottles of shampoo or soap for showering isn’t always easy, and often there just isn’t enough space on the side of the tub or rim of the shower unit to store them. The best option here is a hanging caddy which has separate shelves for each of your products. These are easy to hang and fit into almost any size shower.

Toothbrush Caddy

It is important that you always have your toothbrush upright so that it doesn’t accumulate any dirt or grime whilst not in use. The perfect product for this is a caddy, where you can safely store it after use. Try to combine your caddy with other accessories in the bathroom.

Perfect Bath Mat

A bath mat provides you with a number of functions which is why you should look to spend a good chunk of money on the right mat for you. Primarily it looks great on the floor, it also provides some warmth for bare toes when you enter the bathroom. Finally there is the safety function of the bath mat which will prevent you from slipping when you get out of the bathroom tub.

Soap Dispenser

Put a soap dispenser in-between your bathroom taps for easy hand washing. Bars of soap are just not as efficient as liquid soap which is why this is the best accessory to buy.


In the bathroom candles look great even when they are not lit. These accessories will provide a nice scent and create a great ambience when lit.

Fresh Towels

It is most definitely worth investing in a number of towels for the bathroom, of the highest quality possible. Pick up bath sheets, normal-sized towels and hand towels of the same kind for a great look and for a comfortable touch when you dry off.

Towel Rail

Naturally you will need somewhere to hang all of those towels, so investing in a multi-layered towel rail is the best way to go about it. If you are feeling flush then a heated towel rail is a really quality feature which you could invest in.

These are some of the best accessories which you should be buying for your bathroom.

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